Structured Note

Any document listed and made available below does not constitute an invitation, offer or advice to any person to market, sell, offer or buy the bonds. Be informed that the bonds are only suitable for qualified investors and selling restrictions and tax implications may apply in certain jurisdictions. 
Term Sheet
Our Term Sheet sets forth the basic legal and financial terms and conditions that apply to the note. Investors should only rely on the specific terms and condictions outlined  in the Offering Memorandum. The Term Sheet is a non-binding document. Only a signed (Pre)subscription Agreement will bind the parties.

Download the Term Sheet
Offering Memorandum
The  Offering Memorandum is a legal binding document that states the exact terms and conditions of the investment amongst other critical information to be considered by prospective investors like the risks, the responsibilities and all applicable (references to) regulatory, governance, compliance, fiscal and accounting rules. After the (Pre)Subscription Agreement has been signed by the parties It serves at the single point of legal reference and cannot be amended without the explicit consent of the parties.

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Credit Rating Report
The credit rating report provides an independent evaluation of the applicable credit risk, predicting our ability to pay back the debt, and implicit forecast of the likelihood of default.

Download the Rating Report
Pre-Subscription Form
The Pre-Subscription Form is a non-binding letter of intent expressing the prospective investor's interest to purchase the notes. The Issuer utilizes this form to make inventory of the interest and determine the actual issue size prior to commencing the final offering period.

Download the Pre-Subscription Form
Subscription Agreement
The Subscription Agreement is legally committing the investor to invest in the notes and committing the Issuer to certain obligations and warranties. In some jurisdictions bespoke contract drafting by a qualified specialist may be required.

Download the Subscription Agreement