Lux Media Investments is part of a collaborative network of business professionals with access to over 500 top-executives of leading multinationals, industry experts and scientific centers as well as governmental organizations. Our network stretches from Toronto, New York, London, Amsterdam, Luxemburg, Frankfurt and Zurich to Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai. Our core teams, based in Toronto, Frankfurt  and Luxembourg, consists of former executves from the financial, investment and accountancy industry as well as partners from from accredited international law firms. With the financial bridge between North America and Europe we are able to provide mission critical services and access to global capital markets. 
Experienced Board
Our organization is lead by an experienced administrative board. Our directors have been in the “driver’s seat” of administrative operations for many years at reputable global financial institutions, in particular in fund management and capital markets, treasury and trading. Most of them have been responsible for green field developments at leading securities firms, insurance companies and international banks.
In House Specialists
Lux Media Investments has “in house” specialists like structured product engineers, risk managers, bond traders, asset managers, compliance officers, accountants, auditors, actuaries and other disciplines. These specialists are considered to belong to the best in the industry. They have accreditations from leading universities and certifications required by regulators. They have in-depth know-how of global capital markets and bond markets in particular.
Collaborative Development
It is important to understand that Lux Media Investments is not a conventional issuer of bonds. At present the capital markets are overloaded with funds, securities and derivatives that are merely based on the same asset classes (stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, commodities, mortgages, etc.) and mostly vary only in the mix (geography, industry sector) and/or in the assumptions of underlying risk and returns, and/or in the method of accounting risk and return. Very few providers offer real innovations. Lux Media Investments, however, concentrates on a constant effort to accommodate investors' real needs, by engineering solutions that are not subject to conventional economic, fiscal, regulatory or technical limitations. Key to our success, are our collaborative development undertakings with industry leaders and institutional investors.
Process Excellence
Being established in Luxembourg, home to one of the world’s leading fund service centers, it is obvious that we have outsourced most of our operations to reputable local service providers, i.e. fund administrators, payment agents, custodians, banks, accountants and auditors. In order to remain up-to-date we continuously liaise with specific experts, i.e. rating agencies, tax advisors specialized in tax treaties and legal advisors specialized in statutory and regulatory issues. Administration and management is undertaken according the highest international standards. Lux Media Investments processes transactions via sophisticated systems like Clearstream, the clearing and settlement division of the Deutsche Börse situated in Luxembourg, administered at low cost, within a short lead time and error-free. Due to our long term working relationship with our partner service providers, Lux Media Investments has streamlined and coordinated workflows and established optimal communication with these parties.
Relationship Management
Lux Media Investments doesn't have to deal with many small investors that continuously enter and exit the fund with small amounts, with on-line brokerage firms or financial advisors. Lux Media Investments has the advantage of dealing with a relatively small group of high net worth individuals, family offices, asset managers and institutional investors with whom we maintain longstanding relationships. Instead of commisioning market makers, distributors and dealers to market and sell the bonds, Lux Media Investments prefers its own board members and management to engage with prospective investors and remain the assigned client officer throughout the whole investment period.