As a responsible corporate citizen our mission is to become a forward-thinking practice leader in social innovation and entrepreneurship. We provide emerging media enterprises with the necessary loans to enable them to succesfully land their innovations. We share our exceptional business experience, provide access to multinationals and entry to global markets to accelerate income growth, increase asset value and deliver maximum returns to its shareholders.

With increasing difficulty for emerging media enterprises to access traditional sources of funding like private equity, venture capital and bank loans, we open for such media enterprises new gateways to global capital markets, utilizing tax efficient, affordable and securitized debt structures, traditionally only available to large corporates and institutions.  

Within our scope of influence we strive to provide our investors not only with the material benefits but also contribute to social innovations on a global scale. Investments recommended by Global Media Investment Fund LLC will largely contribute to the responsible growth of the global media sector, create new skilled jobs, unlock talent across all age-groups, cultures and geografies. The objective of our media investments is to enable every global citizen personalized access to critical information,, to music and movies, to sound, picture, and enable them via global multi-media channels and devices to communicate with virtually every global citizen,


Social Responsibility
Instead of occasional donations to charities, disaster relief or sponsorships to local communities, we actively cause to deploy innovations on a global scale that provides vital tools to any world citizen and enable them to connect, communicate and collaborate worldwide. With the anytime, anywhere, anyplace access to news and knowledge these communities can in fact build, improve and exploit the global digital infrastructure, build new sustainable micro-economies and generate new meaningful jobs. Our contributions will enable any disadvantaged community to play a meaningful role in the global society with equal opportunity to access news, obtain knowledge, get education, improve health and quality of life and enjoy entertainment and other social innovations of significant importance.
Environmental Responsibility
Our innovation policy is aimed at creating and implementing new media technologies that have high impact on the environment and the protection hereof, contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem and utilization of true renewable energy sources. We aim to invest in media technologies, utilizing nature-inspired zero-emission technologies that function like selfsustaining ecosystems and sustainably foresee in basic human needs. New data storage and processing techniques as well as revolutionary display solutions will reduce the need for natural materials and relieve the strain on the earth's resources, minimize the need to recycle waste and reduce pollutants in air, water and land surface and underground. We are commited to continuously improve the environmental awareness and performance, combatting emissions of greenhouse gases causing climate change. 
Investor Responsibility
Lux Media Investments has access to a variety of investors, including pension funds, family offices, mutual funds, hedge funds and high net worth individuals. It is evident that we act with the highest degree of transparency, integrity and accountability with respect to the investor's capital and strive to deliver the expected returns on their investments. We are extremely cautious with the selection of eligible assets in which we invest as well as the protection thereof. Important in that matter is that the assets are always under the control of a securities trustee and that the vehicle has a capable board of directors, an independent adminstrator and an external auditor. It is for this purpose that Lux Media Investments is based in Luxembourg and Toronto, the second largets financial and fund centres in the world with the highest standards of governance and regulatory compliance.
United Nations
Lux Media Investments supports and enacts, within its sphere of influence, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Lux Media Investments provides full transparency to the public on its undertakings and reports annually to the United Nations about its progress and achievements. We maintain also close relationship with the various UN organizations to get support for our initiatives, to showcase our projects and obtain the required support to implement the groundbreaking media innovations on a global scale.