The Principal Protected Structured Note created by Global Media Leaders
The Principal Protected Structured Note created by Global Media Leaders
Lux Media Investments is a Toronto based issuer of structured notes with principal protection, fixed income and profit sharing. The investment targets are carefully selected by our United Stated based investment manager Global Media Investment Fund LLC. Its advisory committee consists of world-renowned media executives all with an impeccable track-record of success in building global media companies. They are recognized and decorated as contributors to the succes of today's media industry as well as leaders of  the transition that will shape the future of global media markets. By investing in the note, the investor can be assured that the the asset selection has been undertaken by real business practitioners with true know-how and experience.  

We invest mostly in convertible loans to emerging media enterprises with already income-producing assets, with accelerating growth of asset values and significant upside value potential. Most of the selected enterprises have made or are about to make a major breakthrough in global markets, largely due to the managed business development support of Global Media Investment Fund LLC and its capabilities to establish strategic partnerships with media multinationals and leading high-tech developers. Many of these enterprises may become targets for acquisition or scheduled for IPO's. We invest only in loans to forward thinking enterprises, founded and managed by experienced media leaders, currently working on the commercialization of disruptive technologies that are considered to become the new global media standards that will shape the new global media markets. 

The note offers investors the unique opportunity to not only benefit from principal protection and high fixed income but also from sharing in the profits deriving from the expected massive upside capital gains and compounded profits deriving from the newly acquired assets. The notes are a far better alternative to low-yielding money market and investment grade securities and high risk instruments like stocks, commodities and currencies as well a most volatile and media funds.

Note Terms
  • Compartment One Issue USD 100,000,000
  • Denomination USD 250,000
  • Tenor 5 years
  • Coupon 4,25%, quarterly payable
  • Kicker between 10% and 50%
  • Bond Rating BBB
  • Exchange Listed
Note Features
  • Capital Protection
  • High Fixed Income
  • Asset Value > 100% of Note Principal
  • Capitalizing Upside Potential
  • Compounding Profits
  • No Currency Exchange Risk
  • Optimal Liquidity Positions
  • Optimized Tax Benefits
  • Compliant Securities Regulations
  • World Class Service Providers
  • Superior Investment Advisors
  • Best in Class Risk Managers
  • Top-3 External Auditor
  • Proficient Board of Directors
  • Team of 10 media tycoons
  • Leading global media enterprises
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Defining new global standards
  • Mass application incubator
  • Massive upside potential
  • Multinational alliance partners
Contact information
Lux Media Investments Inc. 212 King Street West Suite 205 M5H1K5 Toronto Canada tel: +1 647 527 5509 Website:
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